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Our vision is to transform the built environment with living solutions that preserve natural resources and improve our well-being

By creating a full ecosystem of living design products, ranging from design accents to large-scale living walls, we integrate the benefits of nature into the everyday culture of our clients.


Green   |   Modular   |   Sustainable


Our patented hydroponic technology puts an emphasis on sustainability  through intelligent watering, seamless aesthetic and a healthy environment for plant growth. Our soil-less technology was created by U.K. - based Biotecture, Ltd. Biotiles, which are the main component of the system, are modular and can be arranged into any desired matrix creating an extremely adaptable system. The versatility of our living walls, both indoor and out, help our clients engage with and benefit from nature in unique ways. Our capabilities range from large living wall installations and living media walls to a modern world of living consumer products.



Sage's process is a streamlined affair, making it easy to go from consultation to final installation of our walls. Our in-house horticulturist work with you to select plant types that work best for your space and your climate zone. 


In soil a plant might spend 60% of its energy searching for food. Our Biotiles  are hydroponic (soil-free) which provides nutrients and water to the plants in a controlled manner creating an ideal environment for plant growth and intuitive design. Benefits of the Biotiles include:

  • Modularity 
  • UV stable
  • Heat and freeze resistant 
  • Plants are grown in the USA
  • Rockwool is infinitely reusable  
  • Efficient nutrient absorption 
  • Healthier stable root zone 
  • 75% less water consumption 
  • Rehydrate the environment
  • Minimum 40% recycled content 



Integrate the benefits of nature

for every space